Licensing Terms and Conditions

The Commonwealth has prepared standard terms and conditions for granting access to its material. These terms and conditions control the way you may use our material. You will need to meet our copyright conditions and any unique terms that are specified in your licence agreement.

You cannot transfer or allow anyone else to use your licence. However, we may give you permission to engage someone else to assist you in your work.

You must use our official published material for derived products intended for use to assist navigation.

If you do not follow the terms and conditions, it will result in the termination of your licence.

1. Duration of licences

Our licences usually operate for up to three years at a time. Some licences may be for longer periods depending on the circumstances.

2. Updating your licence

If you already have a licence from us, you can ask to have other material or extra uses added to it.

3. Updates to materials covered by your licence

We frequently update our products to ensure they contain the latest information.

An update service may be included with your licence. This will allow you to incorporate these updates into your intended work.

4. Fees, charges and royalties

Fees and charges may apply to your licence agreement. We may also charge royalties when reproducing our material. Our licenses give us the right to revise our charges and fees from time to time. For more information, see charges and fees.

If you sell or distribute derived products containing our material, we will charge you a royalty on each derived product or service that you supply.

The royalty will be a fixed percentage of the net selling price of every derived product that you sell or distribute. We may also charge a fixed amount for every copy of a derived product, instead of charging you a percentage royalty.

We will want you to send us regular progress reports during the term of your licence including your auited sales and production figures.

5. Audits and inspections

The licence conditions allow us to check that you are keeping to the terms of your licence. We may want to visit your premises at times, to ispect your operations or ask auditors to look at your records.

If you need further information about licensing or the use of our material please contact us: