GoogleEarth Australian Chart Index

The GoogleEarth ACI is a collection of Paper Chart, Paper Chart Thumbnail and ENC Cell data sets distributed in KML format. With the GoogleEarth ACI, you can use a geographical browser to view all currently available AHO Paper Charts (grouped by scale - small, medium & large), AHO Paper Chart Thumbnail images, and ENC Cells.

Both Paper Charts and ENC Cells viewed in the GoogleEarth ACI contain links to their respective pages on the AHS website, providing quick access to associated Notices to Mariners and other metadata. Paper Chart thumbnails are low-resolution images spatially overlaid to provide an idea of both what the chart looks like and where it is geographically located on the earth.

The GoogleEarth ACI is updated each fortnight in line with Notices to Mariners updates. With this initial release of the GoogleEarth ACI you will need to download an updated version every fortnight to have the latest data available.

Please note that the GoogleEarth ACI is intended as a visual information aid and is NOT TO BE USED FOR NAVIGATION.

To start using the GoogleEarth ACI, click on the link below (in the Downloads section) to begin your GoogleEarth ACI experience.

GoogleEarth ACIGoogleEarth ACIGoogleEarth ACI


The GoogleEarth ACI can be downloaded as a KMZ file. This is a compressed KML file. More information on KML and KMZ files can be found at

NOTE: The GoogleEarth ACI requires GoogleEarth to run. You can download it here: Download Google Earth

Current Features

  • Paper Charts (Small, Medium & Large Scale)
  • Paper Charts (New Editions)
  • Paper Chart Thumbnails
  • ENC Cells
  • ENC Cells (New Cells)

New features and data will be added to the GoogleEarth ACI in due course.


The AHO welcomes any feedback or suggestion for the GoogleEarth ACI.

If you are using this service, please feel free to send in your feedback and suggestions for the GoogleEarth ACI. You can do so by emailing using our Feedback Forms.

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