Australian Chart Index 3.1

This new version of the ACI has the following added features:

  • Waypoints Functionality.
  • Printing of Chart Lists, Details and Notices.
  • Now including Temporary & Preliminary Notices.

The Australian Chart Index 3.1 is currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience. In the meantime, please use the Standard ACI and/or the Google Earth ACI.

Upon clicking on the image above, a new window should appear that will contain the applet. The order of events should be (please wait until all the following have completed):

  • A yellow map of Australia will load and be displayed.
  • Charts and Chart Details will load.
  • The applet will be ready to be used when lots of blue squares are visible around the yellow map of Australia.

System Requirements

Having Problems?

If you are having any problems running this applet, possible causes are:

  • Not having the Oracle Java plugin installed.
  • Not enabling Java in your web browser.
  • Add as a Site List Exception within the Java Control Panel. (Start - Control Panel - Java, Security Tab, Exception Site List, then Add...)
  • Clear your Java Temporary Internet Files within the Java Control Panel. (Start - Control Panel - Java, General Tab, Temporary Internet Files, then Setting..., then Delete Files...)
  • Antivirus/Firewall Software that is disabling Java/JavaScript (eg: Norton's Ad Blocker).
  • Some networks require proxy authentication (username/password). In this case you will need to see your network administrator.
  • Macintosh Users: You will need to haveat least Mac OS 10.3 - Previous versions of the operating system will not run Java properly.

For further problems, feedback or suggestions for improvement, please contact the

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